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Ryan Biddulph

DigiHawker is made by an energetic, go-getting and a networking champion.
If you want to learn Digital Marketing, you are at the right place!

—Ryan Biddulph

Adam Connell

Amal has an energetic flare that I rarely see. Every post will reach out of the page and grab your interest. He is authentic and inspirational. Amal teaches how to do things the right way in a time when so many are teaching the wrong way of doing things.

—Adam Connell

Reginald Chan

Amal is a great young entrepreneur who really brings blogging to the next level. He proves to many that even a young blogger like him, could easily become an A-list blogger with the right passion and determination.

—Reginald Chan

Kulwant Nagi

Identity which Amal made in such a short span of time is really very appreciable. His writing style and way thinking makes him better than others.

—Kulwant Nagi

Stop Wasting Time and Start Earning Like You've Dreamed of

The shape of Internet Marketing system is changing. You can’t survive on the sphere just by having a blog or speaking out that you’re an internet marketer. The competition is getting tough out there and it’s time for you to gear up and be tough as well.

Your present monetization strategy might be not earning you the price you deserve considering the hard work you do. Why? Because – The Same Old Stuff Won’t Work Any More! The Era of Digital Marketing is becoming a one which only an Owner of something worth it can survive. And being an Online Business Owner is something worth it. People will start seeing you from another view, respect and trust you and you’ll be climbing the ladder of the internet people’s list.

So, become a Digital Marketer and make your Bank bigger.

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How Does it Work

You will learn how to get over the psychological barriers of creating something big, fear of failure and blocks of laziness. You will be capable of taking the leap of faith and will be ready to go for the kill.

Then, you’ll be researching and finding your piece of expertise to decide what you will be making and selling online. You will be creating your very own first product like a boss.

Publishing Product

Now it’s time to make your product live out there on the market place.  You will be setting up your gears and publish your product on the internet with a reasonable price. You will then create your product website and connect it with your product and optimize it for better conversions.

After you have your product live out there, it’s time to start earning with it. You’ll receive a marketing strategy which will help you to get more sales the right way.

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Digital Marketing Guide

eBook Guide

You’ll receive an eBook Guide which will help you to learn how to do it and an effective marketing strategy with which you can create your product, make it live out there on the right place and market it through different streams of traffic yourself.

This guide will change your way of earning money online.

Consultancy Service

Lost anywhere? As a user, you’ll get unlimited access to the consultancy support with Amal, who will help you to overcome the barriers, clear your doubts and suggest you the right kind of solutions and strategies for your business.

You can talk to him over phone, Skype, Email or through any social media.

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